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by Jomer Gregorio on October 24, 2014

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Around 40% of the world’s population is on the Internet – that’s more than 2.9 billion connected people. That’s how BIG the online market is, and if your business is still not into paid digital marketing, then be prepared to lose out to your competition who does in the coming periods.

 internet users in the worldSource:

Why use paid advertising when you can do it for “free” on the Internet using available “free” tools?

As you’ll learn later, “free” online advertising is not really free and it may not deliver the kind of profitable results you want for the amount of time, effort and resources you put into these “free” resources. Paid online advertising on the other hand – works – the main reason why you should be doing it in the first place and why $12 billion each year are spent on it by U.S. advertisers. If this will not convince you, then the following list of power reasons why your business should be doing paid online advertising certainly do so.

The infographic (click to zoom):


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Jomer Gregorio

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  • Hi Jomer,
    Its pretty interesting learning of the power of paid online advertising from this post. The 10 reasons why businesses should be using paid online advertising as shared in this post are points on.

    Its just important that the business understands what option readily fits in with its vision. If this is established then it becomes easier to make the most of paid online advertising.

    Traffic generation and target marketing are benefits businesses should not ignore!

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    • Anyone who is serious in maximizing the power of the Internet should consider paid advertising, if not they wll be missing a lot.

  • siddaiah thiruptai

    Hi Jomer
    This infographic provides good info, i wanted to know those 13 news papers names, Have you ever tried of Facebook ads, how it works ? , most of us put lot of time on writing articles, and we least expect on paid promotion and we always try to get free traffic and waste lot of time on internet, with out wasting our time we can use this paid marketing to increase our traffic.

    This one is nice infographic.

  • Yes, Jomer. You are right that Paid advertising is used in
    US (mostly) and they spend millions for this. Many doubt, it’s worth the shot,

    Paid and free advertising’s effect has different outcomes.
    Yes, Paid Ads are cost effective than the traditional one. It is a great way to guide more traffic to
    your site, but it can become expensive.

    I couldn’t agree more with the seven reasons why this kind
    of advertising is powerful. It’s a great data presentation and educational.
    It’s interesting too, to know more about this strategy and how well it is if
    used the smart way.

    Your post has been shared on, IM social bookmarking site, enabling me to find this good piece.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Any serious business owners that want to get a share off the online marketplace should use paid advertising.

  • Hey Jomer,

    When it comes to Paid advertising I like the speed of getting those subscribers and the fact that is more cost effective. Yes, you can do free advertising with your blog and SEO, but you have to learn the ins and outs, the building of trust is slower, its more tedious work, and on top of that it takes a really long time to start getting subscribers if you haven’t already made a name for yourself. With Paid advertisement it takes care of all of this making it more convenient for the entrepreneur!

    Thanks for sharing Jomer! I hope you have a great weekend!

    I found this post on under the category Advertisment

  • Hi Jomer,

    You mentioned correct points to pinpoint the benefits of paid advertising, once I tried my luck on Facebook Ads, but I didn’t get a good response.
    we have to take care of how we are going to promote on paid advertising based on the ROI.

    Thanks for sharing good infographic about Paid Advertising

    • Siddaiah,

      Your welcome! I appreciate you sharing your experience with Facebook ads. Maybe you need to do more optimization for your ads to be effective? Or try some other channels like Adwords?

      Thanks for dropping by.