PPC Marketing

Get More Leads, Drive Targeted Traffic and Increase Conversions Quickly with PPC Marketing.

Pay Per Click, also known as PPC, is the fastest and most effective way to increase traffic and generate leads to your website. We highly recommend this if your marketing objective is to generate leads or conversions. Leads may be as simple as inquiries about your product or service. The concept behind PPC is very simple—when someone is searching for something, they type a certain keyword. Organic results will be displayed, depending on how specific that keyword is.

Organic results are the websites or blogs shown by Google that contain the most relevant content to its searchers or consumers. To rank on Google’s first page, you need to exert Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) efforts. However, this does not happen overnight. Ranking on Google’s first page can take roughly six months—depending on how competitive the keywords in your market are. Since some aggressive businesses want faster results, they choose to use PPC Advertisements instead.

How exactly does PPC work?

Each and every keyword typed in search engines is priced depending on how often they are searched. The more frequent a keyword is searched, the more expensive it usually is. This is where the bidding comes in. If there are specific keywords you’d like to use or target (so that when potential customers type it, your ad is triggered), it is best to follow or go a little above the suggested bid.

PPC helps drive more traffic and sales conversions, especially if your ad is relevant to your website’s landing page. The more relevant your ad is to your landing page, the higher your quality score. And the higher your quality score is, the more your ad will show to potential customers. The beauty of PPC is that you can easily track your ROI, due to the conversion code you can insert in the Thank You page of your e-commerce website. This helps you determine which of your sales were made because of the PPC ads.

What are the benefits of PPC marketing for your business?

  • You have full control of your budget and can maximize this efficiently to increase website traffic and sales, and meet your goals.
  • PPC ads target consumers who are already searching for something—they just need to be redirected to the right place
  • Marketing campaigns are flexible. You can choose to pay Per Click or Per Impression, depending on your objectives
  • Return on Ad Spend is always guaranteed
  • You are given access to geo-targeted traffic, which proves to be beneficial for local businesses wanting to expand
  • Very easy and quick to set up. Ads can be booked and start running within an hour.