Responsive Website Development

Improve Website Usability and User Experience with a Fully Responsive and Custom-Designed Website!

In a fast-paced world where mobiles are slowly taking over everything (there’s an app for this, there’s an app for that!), it’s very crucial for business owners and marketers to note that mobile usage is predicted to overtake desktops and laptops in the next couple of years. Included here is the usage of tablets, and given how technology has grown so quickly, some mobiles can even work as tablets and vice-versa, and some tablets are also portable laptops! The lines are definitely getting blurred.

The point is, mobile and tablet usage is increasing rapidly, which means business owners should be equipped and know what to do with this kind of growing market. CJG Digital Marketing offers Website Development Services capable of designing attractive mobile responsive sites. Regardless of what device your customers are using, there is no need to worry about the aesthetics of your online property. We’ve got you covered from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone.

Full-Service Digital Marketing

Responsive Websites have mobile and tablet-friendly designs that automatically adjust to the screen, depending on what device you are using. With this ability, bounce rates are lower and user experience is made a lot smoother.

Unlike mobile websites where you practically have to build another website from scratch and require a particular URL meant only for mobiles and tablets (i.e., mobile responsive sites use only one domain name, which make it better for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

Why Use Mobile Responsive Websites for Your Business?

  1. Websites that are not mobile and tablet-friendly usually generate higher bounce rates. A high bounce rate is bad for any website, because this means that people do visit your site but leave right away. Usually, this is caused by poor user experience within your site.
  2. Google also confirms that websites optimized for mobiles and tablets rank higher in Search Engine Results Page or SERP.
  3. Visitors who have smooth experiences in your website may enjoy browsing through it using any device, and may convert into loyal customers or consumers
Mobile responsive websites start for as low as $599 with fully custom PSD designs, 2 mocks-ups, 1 custom homepage, and inner pages converted into a fully functional website using WordPress as its Content Management System. Contact us now to get started!