Our Marketing Process

Like all business, we at CJG Digital Marketing follow a strategic formula to help us understand our clients’ goals and objectives better, and to help us come up with the best and most creative digital marketing campaigns to fulfil their targets and key performance indicators.

To help you understand our process, here are four crucial steps we follow:



Planning involves sitting down with our team to discuss a client’s goals and objectives, and how they can be met. This takes a lot of research, exchanging of ideas, and studying the brand and its market. We then conceptualize and formulate a strategic marketing campaign based on our client’s needs.



With the help of our digital marketing tools, we implement our plans and strategies carefully and methodically. Development of content, artwork and designs, and other material and productions take effect in this stage.



Based on the insights, data, and initial results we’ve gathered from the execution of the campaign, we study it further to see if there should be any necessary adjustments or changes made—so that the campaign reaches its maximum potential.



By following the three steps above in implementing a successful digital marketing campaign, our efforts lead to conversions and increase of sales. These conversions are tracked to give clients an idea of their returns and ROI’s.