Local SEO Services

If your brand is not found anywhere on the 1st page of local search results, then it’s high time to incorporate local SEO in your marketing campaign!

Fact: Did you know that every month, 59% of consumers (who would end up converting as a customer or client) search for businesses in Google in their own localities?

Attracting these targeted local traffic is one of the most effective online marketing methods a local business could use today. Whether you are a major industry player or a startup firm, you have to have a strategy using local SEO!

Local SEO makes use of geo-specific keywords to optimize content and web pages to ensure that your business has invaluable local presence online and you are getting found by your most targeted prospect that will ultimately affect your bottom-line.

Why Use Local SEO?

  1. You will have better local visibility.
  2. Drives a much targeted traffic.
  3. More leads, inquiries and calls.
  4. It drives local clients to your doors.
  5. View this infographic for more benefits of doing local SEO.

Why Choose Our Services?

  1. Pro-active and strategic Local SEO system based on the current landscape of the industry.
  2. Maintain a healthy number of current Local SEO clients that are happy with us.
  3. Affordable but professional service done by highly trained and experience personnel.
  4. Verifiable testimonials from actual business owners.

Let CJG Digital Marketing help you dominate your local market and take control of your business’ online exposure. No matter how web surfers are searching you, CJG Digital Marketing will make sure they find you.

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