Semantic SEO

Looking for Holistic and Semantic Search Engine Optimization Services? Then You Are on the Right Page!

CJG Digital Marketing offers premium holistic and semantic SEO Services for your business so that you can easily be discovered on Google by your hungriest prospective customers and clients!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO in short, is an Internet marketing practice and strategy where both on-site and off-site efforts are exerted to make your website more relevant to consumers and rank in Google’s search engine. This requires time and a long-term investment, yet the results are more than worth it. Studies show that more than 70% of searchers click on websites found on Page 1 of Google.

What makes SEO different from Pay Per Click and Facebook Advertising is that though the results take longer to achieve, there is no need to allot an advertising budget to optimize your site—you just need to invest in the right SEO supplier for your business, who is equipped with the knowledge of Google’s latest algorithms, and will provide first-class content creation and marketing for your business to stand out.

Benefits of SEO for Your Business

  • Increase in targeted website traffic
  • Boost lead generation efforts
  • Get found by eager buyers already looking for something (if they can’t find you on Page 1, they’ll choose a competitor who already is)
  • Opens the opportunity to study the behavior of your visitors through Google Analytics and other web analytics

Why Use our SEO Services?

  • We have real testimonies and feedback from real clients
  • We are an experienced and professional SEO provider that serves and are trusted by US-based clients
  • We provide optimal search engine results to help your business gain more potential clients and customers
  • We improve website content and other factors relevant to Google’s latest algorithms
  • We never spam and only practice content-oriented link building strategies
  • We offer friendly rates that work within your budget

How Does Our Semantic SEO Service Work?

One-Time Activities
Phase 1 –
Keyword Research, Objectives and Expectations, and the SEO Process Discussion.

Upon giving us a call and briefing us more about your project and objectives, we will discuss internally to determine and recommend the best keywords for your business—keywords that when searched, will make your website stand out and eventually rank on the first page of Google. This includes explaining to you our practices and processes to answer any questions or clarifications you may have.


Phase 2
Technical SEO Analysis and Implementation of On-Site SEO Suggestions.

We will thoroughly analyze the technical side of your website for optimization purposes, and make necessary suggestions and adjustments based on our analysis.

Continuous Activities

Phase 3
Linkable Asset Creation.

Linkable assets are one of the many reasons why other websites refer you or link back to you. This helps build more credibility to your site. Linkable assets can be how-to articles, tips and tricks, comprehensive guides, infographics, useful tools and information, and more. Our services include content development and the creation of infographics—assets that can be shared by other websites and eventually drive organic links and targeted traffic to your website.


Phase 4 –
Content Marketing Activities.

This phase focuses on implementing strategic content to help market your website and have it shown to the most eager prospects online. It consists of using paid methods to promote your content, and posting them to relevant groups across several social media platforms.


Phase 5 –
Social SEO.

Our SEO specialists will be executing tactics to increase viral activities and over-all buzz for your brand, which will aid in driving more traffic and credibility to your website.


Phase 6 –
Niche-Related Site Outreach.

Research is the key of this phase. We will sift through the Internet to look for the most authoritative sites in your niche and reach out to them for possible content inclusion. Our goal here is to not scatter your link all over the Internet, as this can affect your ranks especially if the site your link was placed in has no relevance at all to yours. Instead, we will offer highly relevant and useful content for these authoritative sites to use and share, to increase awareness and exposure to your business.


Phase 7 –
Content-Driven and Quality Link Building.

Content-driven link building comprises of submitting PDF files, Slideshare, and Infographic materials that boast quality content. We will also be submitting to local directories and other mediums that will build on your website’s integrity and rank.


Phase 8-
Analysis and Monthly Review.

Each month, we will run a thorough analysis to ensure that our campaigns and projects are doing well. This helps us study what we can do to further improve our campaigns for you.

Is your business ready to stand out, and at the same time comply with ethical search engine practices? Then contact us below! Get our Semantic SEO Services for as low as $999 depending on your business niche and market.