Full and Multi-Channel Internet Marketing

Shift to Digital Marketing and Be One Step Ahead of Your Competition with our Full-Service and Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Packages

The revolution of the Internet caused a huge dent on traditional marketing, especially when big social media platforms emerged such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—just to name a few. This was coupled by the powerful search engine and services of companies like Google, all of which has influenced the way we think, act, and speak.

Because the Internet has affected every aspect of contemporary times, most especially in how we are influenced by the things we see or read online, businesses realized that they needed to alter their marketing strategies and shift to digital efforts. Unlike traditional marketing however, digital marketing continues to grow and evolve, forcing businesses to adapt and keep up with the changes. It is in this process that many tend to get lost—finding difficulty in familiarizing themselves with the latest in technology. CJG Digital Marketing offers the tools and solutions that can help you get in the right track—with our full-pack Internet Marketing service.

How Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Works

Part 1 Activities – Planning

  1. Discussion about client’s business
  2. Discussion about client’s business goals and objective
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Discussion and brainstorming on what digital marketing channels to use
  5. Creation of comprehensive and custom digital marketing strategy
  6. Discussion on the digital marketing activities

Part 2 Activities – Implementation

  1. Implementation of one-time digital marketing activities
  2. Implementation of recurring digital marketing activities
  3. Implementation of optimized digital marketing activities

Part 3 Activities – Optimization

  1. Full audit on campaign’s results via analytics
  2. Create optimization strategy to further boost results