Facebook Marketing

CJG Digital Marketing offers all-inclusive Facebook Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Services at incredibly friendly rates!

Without a doubt, Facebook has grown to become the biggest social networking site in the world—even becoming the number one website visited by most countries, and where 97% of Americans have created accounts and actively engage with their friends and communities on a daily basis. Almost everybody we know has a Facebook account, from our friends to our family members. Even grandparents these days are present on Facebook. It’s a medium that allows for easy communication, and even gives us access and premium content to our favorite brands, products, and personalities.

Of course, from a business standpoint, this opens up numerous opportunities for business owners—especially when they know how to incorporate these social networking sites into their marketing strategies. It’s the most convenient and most affordable way to reach out to a broad market without having to spend so much.

Our Facebook Paid Marketing Management Process

Before anything else, we first discuss your objectives and do an audit of your marketing activities to understand your audience better. This gives us an idea on creating a tailored Facebook marketing campaign for your business.

Once we determine your objectives, targets, and key performance indicators (whether it’s fan page building, post engagement, drive to app, and more). We will set up your account and execute an optimized campaign bidding (to maximize your budget) and at the same time help you reach maximum exposure. We will target specific demographics and interests that best fit your brand, product, or service.

We will be developing ad designs and copies, and provide you with detailed guidelines on how to create persuasive ads that will ultimately attract your target market. Once the ads are booked, we will monitor your campaign on a daily basis, adjust things if needed to optimize the ads further, and create reports to show you the performance of your campaign. From here, we can come up with new or more improved strategies that can boost your campaign’s performance all the more.

Why Use Our Facebook Marketing Service?

  • The potential of increasing awareness and exposure to your brand
  • Optimize ads for different targeting options such as location, age, work, likes, and interest
  • Use different ad objective depending in your business needs
  • Add credibility and authority to your brand
  • Get targeted traffic for your website
  • Comprehensive and Robust Targeting Options
  • Friendly rates where you get your money’s worth