The Evolution of Traditional Link Building to Link Earning (Infographic)

Since Google rolled out its Penguin Update last 2012, many SEO people (including me) soon began to panic and realized the cold hard truth that excessive link building is not going to cut it anymore. A lot of SEO companies with their clients soon began to notice that Google is dead serious in its efforts to combat spam, a lot of business owners had been penalized due to Penguin which had a profound impact in the SEO community as a whole. The industry is forced to think beyond the box and thus it gave birth to what we call now as link earning.

Knowing the difference between link earning and the traditional link building for someone who are still clinging to the old SEO mindset of the past might be harder to grasp. But we hope that this piece will give you a clearer idea of their differences.

To help you more understand their differences, here is an overview: Link earning is an approach that uses the quality, usefulness and relevance of your contents to earn citations or credits back to your site. Link building on the other hand, focuses  more on  the intent of finding websites that would allow you to create links back to your site, taking little or no regards to the relevance or value of the content.

Whether link earning strategy is a higher evolution of link building or not, it’s one of the most efficient ways to rank well in search engines, considering that Google want us to focus more on quality. This infographic will show why link earning has essentially replaced traditional link building as a technique to achieve sustainable and long-term Google rankings.