10 Amazing Results of Combining SEO and PPC (Infographic)

SEO and PPC combination

Business owners desiring their enterprises to grow try out their hand on various digital marketing tools available. Many may have heard the tremendous benefits they could gain by embarking on a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign and generate leads from organic traffic to their sites, or invest in paid advertising through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and generate even more targeted leads.

Although each of these digital marketing tools bring out favorable results if done right, business owners can actually gain more favorable results and other advantages by using an integrated approach that combines both SEO and PPC into one comprehensive campaign. With an integrated SEO and PPC marketing approach, your company can leverage on the individual strengths of these systems and minimize the impact of their weaknesses.

What you get is a lean, mean, internet marketing machine that delivers greater exposure and awareness for your brand as well as faster ROI for all your marketing investments – that’s true digital marketing power working for you.

The infographic (click to zoom):


1. Combined SEO and PPC Lets You Dominate both Paid and Organic Search Results

A competitor’s paid PPC ad appearing above or in prominent places will have more chances of getting clicked by search users, even if your website links landed at the top spot of natural search results through your SEO efforts. You get nothing from all your hard work and lose business opportunities to your competitors.

But with a combined SEO and PPC marketing campaign, you now have the chance of dominating both organic and paid sections in related search results. The same keyword sets that proved effective in landing you the top spots in natural search results can also be harnessed for unleashing PPC ads that rock!

2. Combined SEO and PPC Improves Your Click-Through-Rates (CTR)

A combined SEO and PPC campaign will help you create compelling content, which will prove beneficial for you not only in terms of search ranking, but also on generating favorable action and click throughs from targeted audiences.

The following example reported at Moz shows how effective combining SEO and PPC advertising is in generating higher click through rates. There was a significant increase not only on the overall click through rates with a combined PPC and SEO campaign, but it also improved the CTR of the individual PPC ads if it were measured separately.

Other similar studies were conducted in this regard, including the one from SEER Interactive which generated a CTR increase from 5.66% to 18.06% when PPC and SEO were combined.

PPC and SEO results

3. Combined SEO and PPC Increases Your Conversion Rates

Combining your SEO and PPC into an integrated campaign can deliver higher conversion rates which, according to a report from Search Engine Watch, can prove to reach as high as 200 percent increase in conversions. MarketLive would agree to this statement, citing an average of 35% increase in conversion rates when SEO is beefed up with paid PPC advertising. Such results should compel businesses to try out and get better results with this integrated approach.

4. Combined SEO and PPC Lets You Find the Best Keywords

You can use the integrated approach and determine the best sets of keywords that will bring out the best on both worlds. PC is the perfect vehicle for getting measurable results in terms of identifying the efficacy of keywords and ad copy in generating action from your targeted audiences. Once you’ve identified the perfect combination of copy and keywords that deliver results, you can use them to enhance both your PPC ads as well as every element in your SEO campaign – content, meta titles, and meta description.

5. Combined SEO and PPC Increases Brand Exposure

Dominating both paid and organic sections in search results with an integrated SEO and PPC campaign will not only deliver you the goods in terms of click-throughs and conversions, but it will also increase brand exposure. A greater awareness and exposure for your brand will eventually be translated into higher favorable responses to both your PPC advertisements and natural traffic to your websites or landing pages. Take note however that developing brand exposure is a continuous process. Your competitors are gunning for the top spot too and for you to keep your rankings high, you need to maintain an integrated approach to your SEO and PPC efforts.

6. Combined SEO and PPC Protects Your Online Reputation

An integrated SEO and PPC campaign not only give you the opportunity to dominate both paid and natural search results, it will also help establish a strong online presence for your brand that will be more than enough to protect your online reputation.

The key to success in internet reputation management is to drive negative entries and publicity about your brand down to search oblivion where no search users will actually go to. Reports indicate that 91.5% of Google users rely on first-page results, and the numbers just dwindles after every page result. By dominating the top pages of search results – bad publicity won’t even matter.

 percentage of Google traffic by Results Page

7. Combined SEO and PPC Optimizes Your Spending

Integrating your SEO and PPC efforts can help you maximize the efficacy of your marketing efforts and optimize the spending you need to do to finance your campaigns. With a combined marketing approach, you can make adjustments to your expenses accordingly and allocate resources according to the insights you gain from your campaigns. New developments can also come up, like the introduction of new advertisers and the availability of bid automation software. With optimized spending, you can make use of these improvements to improve your overall efforts while keeping a watchful eye on your ROI.

8. Combined SEO and PPC Improves Each Tool Independently

Insights you get from an integrated SEO and PPC can teach you how to improve each of these digital marketing tools independently. Organic testing of keywords and content will take a long time. Using PPC campaigns to test the efficacy of keywords can improve your content as well as your meta titles and description tags, drawing in more organic traffic from natural search results. This will in turn create a big impact on your quality scores. This translates to greater savings in terms of lesser cost per click, as well as better ad positions for an improved overall PPC performance.

9. Combined SEO and PPC Provides More In-Depth Market Analysis

With an integrated SEO and PPC approach to marketing, you’ll get better insights and analysis of your targeted market. PPC advertising is great for testing and getting immediate feedback from your targeted market. SEO on the other hand provides a more in-depth analysis of consumer behavior based on long-term traffic, giving you greater insights on other consumer metrics you wouldn’t gain from short-term PPC results. Combining both knowledge gives you a deeper understanding of your targeted market – prepping your business up for eventual domination.

10. Combined SEO and PPC Boost E-Commerce Sales

Many businesses are taking the e-Commerce route towards online success. Even enterprises with more specialized core products and service offerings incorporate e-commerce elements into their online presence to create better brand awareness or boost supplemental sales. Whatever business model it may be, combining PPC with SEO will definitely boost your e-commerce performance. An integrated approach is geared towards attracting highly targeted traffic from both natural and paid channels – essential traffic that according to a MarketLive study will boost site revenues by up to 44%.

While many still debate on whether organic SEO is better than paid PPC campaigns or vice versa, why not get the best of both worlds and integrate them into a combined SEO-PPC marketing powerhouse? Each of these digital tools are effective if used independently, but combining their powers can boost your overall performance significantly. So, take your digital marketing efforts to the next level by combining the traffic-drawing prowess of SEO to the precision-targeting of PPC – and ultimately get these amazing results.