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by Jomer Gregorio on January 22, 2016

Have you ever wondered why digital marketers call content “king”? It all boils down to the fact that content is your primary link to your targeted audience – and is the primary driver that will convert them into customers.

Content marketing is not all about dominating organic search. It entails getting your message across to the right audience using the right tools and channels that deliver results. Market growth is very promising, moving at speeds of 12.4% CAGR each year. At this rate, it can eventually reach figures of up to 32.4 billion dollars by the year 2018.

But the market is constantly changing and getting your content across to your audience keeps getting more difficult and complex. New technologies and tools are constantly emerging and it takes some effort just to keep up. Content marketing strategies that are working today might not generate the same results in the coming periods.

To get you up to speed, CJG Digital Marketing shares with the latest trends and movers that will drive the content marketing arena in 2016 – to help get yourself prepared and let you stay ahead of the game.



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Jomer Gregorio

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  • Rebecca Morris

    Can you help me better understand #5?

    • Hi Rebacca, sure! This is the main source I cited:

      This trend is still at its infancy but I think were getting there. But as I mentioned, complicated stuff will still need a human touch. So there may be some software that can do an automated content creation, it will be very limited in terms of the functionality and how useful it is to write some deep stuff that can only be done by humans.

  • Nice share,

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    You have explained all the points very nicely with the help of info graphics its quite impressive.
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