8 Cool Facts about Retargeting You Must Know (Infographic)

One of the best benefits of Digital Marketing is the fact that even small and medium businesses can compete with the big boys – those who have deep pockets for marketing – if they used the right tool to deliver their message to targeted audiences.

And one of the tools that got a lot of digital marketers excited is retargeting. Some may already be familiar with this concept if they happen to chance upon Google’s Remarketing. This is basically using an online user’s browsing behavior to retarget ads they may have previously seen or encountered.

This strategy is in line with basic consumer behavior. Previous studies show that only two percent of first-time website visitors convert. Retargeting however, will give the website or an online store another chance to market to the remaining 98% – in a bid to solicit a more favorable action the second time around.

With such potential for retargeting, it would not come as a surprise that more and more digital marketers turn to retargeting to get better results, as reported by eMarketer.com. In their report, they highlighted that as much as 88% of survey recipients used retargeting, and 56% more are planning to start a campaign this year and beyond.

This and some other cool facts about retargeting are presented in the following: