Social Media Marketing in a Nutshell

social media explained

The rise of new media in this day and age caught many business owners and marketers off guard—especially those who have gotten so used to traditional media like newspapers, magazines, out-of-home billboards, and TV commercials—that they still have a difficult time grasping what digital platforms, especially Social Media Marketing, can do for them and their businesses. However, if you look at the numbers with regards to media consumption, it is quite evident that print is dying and that the growth of digital has spiked exponentially, especially in 2012 and 2013.

We at CJG Digital Marketing understand this huge transition between two totally different types of media, which is why here below are reasons on why Social Media Marketing is the new trend, and why it really works for businesses, whether big or small. But before we give you these reasons, you may wonder how exactly Social Media Marketing works for businesses? How did a social networking site like Facebook, which initially was very personal and just allowed friends and acquaintances to get to know more about each other, share their interests, and communicate on a different platform, suddenly turn into one of the world’s biggest medium of promoting a brand, product, or service?

The answer is simple: it was free exposure! The more your brand is loved by a consumer, the more they talk about it online and share it with their friends. Hence, the rise of online brand ambassadors who are influential enough to promote certain brands and help them get a following.

Why Social Media is Good for Business

Social Media platforms like Facebook are also where the younger market are found—a market that already have (or will eventually have) a purchasing power. So what better way to introduce your brand than through mediums where they can be heavily influenced by what they see or what their community shares, promotes, or advocates? Did you know that some of the top reasons for becoming a fan of a page is because these users engage with the creative posts, want access to exclusive content that only the page can offer, and see that their friends are fans of the page therefore they end up liking the page as well?

In a recent study done by Global Web Index, Facebook is still the number one social platform visited by its users. In fact, 95% of its users engage with the site at least once a week, while its active users are most likely to use the site multiple times a day. 83.3% of the total online population of the United States have Facebook accounts, followed by Tumblr, Pinterest, and lastly, Twitter. People spend an average of four hours on their social media accounts alone, simultaneously doing it with other tasks like studying or working at their desks. This is how powerful Social Media has gotten.

Another reason Social Media Marketing works for businesses is because it suddenly opens up an avenue for consumers to interact and communicate with their favorite brands, which in turn could convert them into your most loyal customers. It also serves as a Customer Relations Management platform, where you can easily turn a negative feedback into a positive one—simply by being present, by addressing their concerns, and by making them feel valued. The great thing about this is that it humanizes your brand and makes it more relatable to people. And if there’s one thing that makes campaigns or marketing strategies successful, it’s tugging at the hearts of people and being able to connect with them on a whole new level.

Why should you invest in Social Media Marketing?

Because Facebook changed its business model and has launched new algorithms to provide more qualitative content for their users and avoid spamming newsfeeds, a simple post can only reach a certain percentage of your existing fan base. Unless you come up with really good and creative content that fans love to engage with, or are even willing to share on their timelines—it’s hard to reach out to 100% of your fan base. What more people who don’t even know about your page or brand yet?

One must remember that when it comes to Social Media Marketing, everyone is fighting for the same space, regardless whether you’re a big corporation or a start-up (this includes Small-and-Medium Enterprises). It provides an equal platform for all kinds of businesses, whether big or small, to be seen, heard, and go viral.

This doesn’t just apply to Facebook. It’s the same with a channel like Instagram, which companies and organizations have started taking advantage of. It gives their consumers a sneak peek into the depths and personalities of their brand—another way of providing them with content to engage with and eventually convert them into loyal followers or better yet, buyers.

The time for using Social media is now

If you ask us, when is the perfect time to invest in this type of marketing? All we can say is the time for Social Media Marketing is now. Big companies are heavily investing in it to prove authority, while SMB’s are taking advantage of it for awareness, exposure, and most of all affordability. Given the revolutionary way that marketing trends have shifted, it’s not easy to predict what could happen next; what next big digital platform would be aside from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But while it is still growing, and while it is still far away from declining, it’s best to join in and come up with the best strategies to make your business stand out while reaching out to a broad market.

So are you ready to grow your business through Social Media Marketing? Are you ready to increase your awareness, exposure, and eventually leads and conversions? Then trust us, for you are sure to be in good hands. CJG Digital Marketing will offer you the best possible solutions and strategies to make sure you get the most of your investment.