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by Jomer Gregorio on January 13, 2015


By this time, many businesses and digital marketers may have already realized that content marketing is not just some fad that you should do – because everyone else is doing it – but rather a very important strategic asset that will boost profitable results across all digital marketing channels.

2014 has been a big year for content marketing and current trends still point to an even bigger year, just like what Smart Insight’s highlighted placing content marketing as the most important marketing channel in the 2015 Digital Marketing Trends poll.

Businesses from all markets and verticals are making concrete plans for boosting their content marketing efforts, like B2B marketers increasing their content marketing budgets and creating more content than what they ever did before.

Even major brands are joining in the fray, with as much as 69% steadily increasing their content production and will continue to do so in 2015. Other businesses should heed these trends and start performing concrete action towards a more robust content marketing plan – starting with these top trends to watch out for in 2015.



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Jomer Gregorio

Jomer B. Gregorio is a well-rounded expert when it comes digital marketing. Jomer is also known as a semantic SEO evangelist and practitioner. Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business.
  • Hi Jomer,

    Powerful piece here. While I like all of the points, #1 is the foundational piece in my opinion.

    The problem many are having with making their content more personal and targeted is that they don’t really know who they are and they don’t know who their prospects are and the problems they “specifically” solve for them.

    Unfortunately, too many companies are treating the internet like another mass marketing tool and that is why it doesn’t work.

    Mass marketing attempts to reach people broadly, but we all know that content marketing reaches people individually.

    That evolves very clearly understanding the foundation of a business that the majority of business owners neglect.

    Just the other day I was having a conversation with a CEO of a $250 million company and I asked him “what business are you in?”

    He couldn’t tell me? I couldn’t believe it!

    Now, to his credit he was able to figure it out in less than five minutes because he’s a savvy CEO of a company that is highly successful.

    But what about the average small business? They struggle because they get the horse ahead of the chariot. They are just marketing and selling in the only way the know how and skipping all of the necessary steps in the process that will ultimately make them successful.

    That’s why I coach and consult in this area. If you miss this you miss the major opportunities. Some try to do it on their own, but the truth is that you cannot because you have a filter and blinders as a business owner.

    Great post Jomer! I’m so glad after connecting with you on Google Plus a while back I’ve discovered your blog.

    Have a great weekend!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Don,

      The meeting with the CEO was unfortunate but glad it went well. Who in his right mind as a CEO can’t understand what business is he in? LOL.

      Yes the foundation of any content marketing campaign is really to target it to the right audience and speak to them directly as if you are speaking to the person using the contents.

      DIY has its own Pros and Cons. Unfortunately for most business owners, the cons weight in more than the Pros in Marketing.

      I remember reading this book last time about predicting behaviors and the author mentioned that as someone who should predict behaviors. You need to consider your current emotions and the filters/prejudice you have in mind. You are spot on with that!

      I am glad that you are doing this noble cause of helping business really do this the right away in contrast with the mass marketers out there.

      Have a good week-end!

      • Hi Jomer,

        To be fair, it’s not an easy question to answer. I have yet to meet a person who could answer the question persuasively and from the prospects point of view in quick, concise statement.

        Many, even large companies, don’t take the time to figure this out but when they do it changes their messaging and they communicate forever.

        It was a little surprising how bad it was at first, but like I said he recovered quickly, lol…

        ~ Don