10 Mind Boggling Stats about Mobile Ecommerce (Infographic)

Undoubtedly, mobile has been a tremendous digital force in this modern world in terms of communication and looking for information from the web. Consumers are using their smartphones and mobile devices to research more details about a brand, product or services before commiting their money and make a purchase.

But consumers want their shopping done faster and more convenient, even while they are on the go. Many are now turning to their mobile devices not only for communication or gathering information – but for commercial transactions as well.

Now, Mobile Commerce or mCommerce is fast becoming a global phenomena that is scooping the marketplace up like a whirlwind. As more and more consumers turn to their mobile devices as a buying platform, eCommerce merchants and retailers are scrambling to make their stores ready for this next big wave in commerce – changing the way people perceive buying and selling in the near future.

10 Mind Boggling Stats About Mobile Ecommerce