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Reach Out to the Most Targeted Audience for Your Business Today and Convert Them as a High-paying Customers and Clients Using Our Integrated and Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Service!

Get your share of the big and lucrative online marketplace today and let us help you amplify your online presence and boost your sales with our full digital marketing services.

Facts about Filipino Internet Users According to this Report:

  1. There are 33 Million Filipino Internet Users
  2. The country is the second highest ranking in Southeast Asia in terms of Internet users
  3. 83% send private messages to friends or acquaintances through social media
  4. 81% post messages or update their social media status on a regular basis

These are just few of the many statistics and studies that we could look on for Filipino users. Bottom line is, your potential customers are probably included in these millions! And its only reasonable decision for you to reach them.

Why Use Our Integrated and Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Service?

  1. More exposure and brand awareness for your company
  2. Wider and bigger advertising reach
  3. Allows you to be easily found by your potential customers who are actually looking for what you have to offer
  4. It can enable you to compete with big brands and companies
  5. Allows you to have the exposure and marketing activities just like what the big brands are doing
  6. Combined activities such SEO, Social Media, PPC and Content Marketing will propel your business to greater heights
  7. Continuous flow of quality leads and inquiries
  8. Higher customer awareness of your products and services
  9. Lastly higher ROI and Sales

Get Started with our Integrated and Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Service for only Php 40,000 50,000 per month with Php 14,000 advertising budget included for Paid Marketing activites.

Service inclusions:

  1. Full Business Audit
  2. Face to Face Consulting Advice and Discussion
  3. Selecting Digital Marketing Channels Appropriate for your Business (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing and so on)
  4. Full Digital Marketing Strategy Creation and Implementation
  5. Fully Managed Paid Marketing Campaign
  6. A/B Split Tests for Paid Marketing Campaign
  7. Budget Optimization for Paid Marketing Campaign
  8. Weekly Performance Audit
  9. Monthly Reporting

Hurry! Get this exclusive offer right now and lets start reaching your most targeted prospects today and get maximum exposure for your business! Let us help you grow and make your brand known to the Internet Marketplace. Fill out the form below to get started.

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